What is Orthodontics?

dr luss alvarenga ortodonciaOrthodontics es a speciality of dentistry that deals with the correction of the teeth and jaws that are incorrectly. The crooked teeth and don’t fit together correctly are harder to keep clean, are at risk of being lost early due to tooth decay and periodontal disease and cause extra stress on the chewing muscle, that can lead to headaches, ATM syndrome and various pains in the neck, shoulders and back. In addition, the teeth crooked or incorrectly detract from our appearance.

Orthodontic treatments hace the advantage of providing a healthy mouth, a more pleasing appearance, and teeth that are more likely to last a lifetime.

How do I know if I need orthodontic treatment?

Only your dentist or orthodontist can determine if you need orthodontic treatment based on diagnostic elements such as full medical and dental history, clinical examination, plaster models of your teeth, x-rays and photographs. According to the diagnosis made, your orthodontist or dentist will decide if you need orthodontic treatment and develop an appropriate treatment plan to your needs.

Orthodontic treatment costs

Orthodontic treatment to correct is less expensive than dental treatment necessary to correct the serious problems that develop years later.

resultados ortodonciaThe cost of orthodontic treatment depends on the severity of each problem. Many malocclusions require limited treatments at moderate cost. The investment you make in your oral health will be minimal compared to the benefits received.

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