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Functional maxillary orthopedics is a specialty of dentistry that addresses imbalances bone of the maxillary bones. These treatments are performed using removable appliances and it is advisable to perform them as early as possible (preferably before 12 years) when children are growing so bony deformities are not made permanent.

These problems affect the bones of the skull and face, upper jaw, lower jaw or dentoalveolar processes, which is the part of the bone where the teeth are inserted. These problems are always generated by be a parafunction (altered function) breathing, chewing, swallowing, poor tongue position, altered phonation, etc. detecting the presence of a parafunction and treat it, is crucial to successful treatment.

The fact that certain functions are altered, causes bone deformities suffer as a result of the same treatment and other specialists is necessary to resort to jointly address the treatment (Speech Therapists, Physiotherapists, Hearing Aids, Orthopedists) professional treating specialist will refer you to appropriate depending parafunction that must be treated.

How the treatment of functional jaw orthopedics (OFM) work?

The functional Orthotics equipments (FOE) used in functional jaw orthopedics (FJO) produce and spreadORTOPEDIA MAXILOMANDIBULAR
neuronal stimulation on receptors in periodontal tooth mucosa, periosteum, muscle bundles, temporo mandibular joints, etc. The nervous system responds remodeling bone structures, patterns of musculature, functional accommodations, also the presence of these changes will return causing harmony and aesthetic problem is resolved crowded teeth.

Currently there is no pre-set age to begin treatment OFM, but it is important to note that the most satisfactory results are obtained at a younger age, because orthopedic procedures have an important action on temporary or mixed dentition, when the face is even in training and is required for neural stimuli there is a correct development of the bony structures of the patient, correcting problems that would become very serious in the future. Orthopaedics works hand in hand with the growth of the patient, but that does not mean you can not apply orthopedic treatments in adults who resort to OFM mainly to solve Temporo Mandibular Unrest, painful conditions of orofacial musculature, etc.

At what age is recommended to evaluate children?

edad evaluacionThe most suitable for assessing children age seven or eight, the sooner the better, if the child has any alteration either mouth breathing, mandibular deviation, abnormal swallowing or chewing, should be treated immediately using their age growth (before age 12) to bone deformities are not made permanent.

How long does this type of treatment?

Treatment time varies according to the patient’s age, the type of problem being treated and by the degree of commitment of the patient and his family to respect instructions for best results, with an average duration of 18 months shortest time is 6 months and could reach as much as 36 months. You may also be required treatment two phases, ie start with orthotics to correct the shape and position of the jaws, finish ing with orthodontics is to properly position the teeth in place.

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