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ortodonciaIf you or a loved one will undergo orthodontic treatment and / or maxilomandibular orthopedics, it is necessary for your general dentist or pediatric dentist to perform mouth preparation treatments such as fillings, cleanings, extractions, previous surgeries such as third molars (sometimes).

When using orthodontic appliances you have to be aware that cleaning is fundamental to the total success of the treatment. Your visits should be made every three or four weeks for the correct adjustment of the device.

It is the responsibility of the parents of the patient or of the patient himself to seek a certified orthodontist by the respective university that granted the title of specialist.

Every patient has to be aware that it is essential to attend their monthly consultations for the orthodontic process. Remember that a general dentist is not qualified to perform orthodontic treatments, even if they have short courses or courses not accredited by the educational authorities of the respective country.

  • The orthodontic patient must visit dentist every 3 months at least for a general checkup.
  • The orthodontic patient has to use special cleansing additives as well as fluoride rinses.
  • A Radiographic checks at least once a year during treatment must be done.

If the orthodontic patient or his/her parents have doubts about the treatment process, it is necessary to resolve and clarify the questions with the Orthodontist who started the treatment because only the patient knows the initial diagnosis (how he or she arrive to the clinic) And the technique that the patient are using.

    Emphasis is placed on general preventive treatments before beginning with orthodontic treatment such as:

  • Sealants for pits and fissures,
  • Previous space maintainers,
  • Correct brushing technique,
  • Prophylaxis, etc.

If you are going to start your treatment it is necessary that you collaborate and arrive at your monthly appointments to finish your treatment, otherwise your case will not be in optimal conditions. Collaboration is half the success of treatment. If you are willing to do this, you will be willing to finish from start to finish.

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