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Answers to the questions most consult our patients, related to the treatments we offer. If you do not find the answer you're looking for, please contact us, we will gladly assist.

What is orthodontics?

It is the movement of the teeth or correct the irregularities in tooth position, and prevent possible malposition.

Are there age limits?

There is no age limit as long as the periodontal status and oral health is optimal. There are limitations on some orthopedic movements that is only possible in young patients and are recommended before age 14, such as the expansion of the palate.

How long does a treatment to straighten teeth?

It depends on the case but usually treatments appliances ranging from 18 to 24 months, in specific cases such as orthodontic tooth tractions including these can last 36 months.

Does tooth extraction orthodontic treatments necessary?

In some cases yes, everything will depend on the discrepancy (dental crowding) and tooth size as macrodoncias.

What types of braces are used?

Apparatus for aligning teeth can be fixed or removable. They are fixed between the brackets which can be metal brackets or aesthetic brackets as ceramic brackets or brackets sapphire within the removable invisalign® this technique, lingual orthodontics of the unknown system.

Why is it important performed a treatment to correct malocclusions and align your teeth?

The planned treatment by the orthodontist helps improve periodontal health and improves function and occlusion, in addition to dental aesthetics, which gives you greater safety and durability for your teeth and confidence in yourself and in your smile.

Do you need some special care with teeth during the treatment?

If during treatment with the orthodontist and once completed, you have to maintain a perfect dental hygiene and health.

How often checks are performed with the orthodontist?

Orthodontic controls are generally performed every 4 weeks.

What is conventional fixed appliances or metal brackets?

It is correction by placing fixed metal brackets that can not be removed by the patient. This was the first system to correct malocclusions that has existed and therefore represents the image that traditionally patients in clinical Propdental explain how the metal wires that do not want in their treatment.

Are there other variants aesthetic?

If the placement of dental brackets art sapphire or technique invisalign® (aesthetic transparent covers) or lingual brackets of the resulting system.

What is the difference between aesthetic brackets and metal brackets?

There are no differences in their only function is an aesthetic difference, some are metal and aesthetic brackets of porcelain material or sapphire.

Is there any treatment that is even more aesthetically pleasing?

If, aesthetic art treatment is the invisalign technique.

What is lingual orthodontics?

Is the placement of dental brackets on the inner side of the tooth.

Who can make the system incognito?

Any orthodontist with knowledge of the art system incognito.

What are the advantages of the Incognito system?

Only aesthetic. The system has incognito dental brackets are placed lingually and smaller.

What are the disadvantages of lingual braces?

Lingual brackets to being on the inside of the teeth are in direct contact with the tongue, which is very common ulcers and sores in it. The treatment also takes longer.

What is the best age to start treatment with the orthodontist?

In young patients the ideal age is at the end of the tooth replacement teeth to permanent teeth, otherwise any age is good to correct malocclusions and improve the oral health of the patient.

Will I move teeth after treatment? I stay perfect teeth?

After an aligner treatment with your orthodontist is naturally small movements that is necessary and mandatory use of retainers. Usually the result is satisfactory as long as the diagnosis and planning are correct.

What are maintenance devices?

Called retention retainers are required after treatment to prevent small movements, or that the teeth back to the original position.

How should I clean the teeth with braces?

Must be careful making brushing after every meal in addition to the use of mouthwashes and interdental brushes.

What things can not eat with braces?

You can eat all kinds of food without being previously cut cut directly to the teeth. Disallowed foods are those that stick to the dental braces as Chiclets and food very hard.

What do I do if it hurts a lot, I pricked or have some urgency?

During the first days of the placement of dental appliances using some analgesics are recommended, using wax or silicone points chafe prevent ulcers, and if there is any urgency that can not be solved go to our dental clinics in Barcelona .

What do I do if I take off a dental bracket or me off a device?

Go to the Orthodontic Center of El Salvador provided bother and can not wait.

What is a stripping?

The stripping is a light polishing interproximal tooth surfaces to gain space and encourage the placement of the teeth. It is performed with a very thin metal strip.

What are intermaxillary elastics?

Ancillary items used during treatment to correct and adjust the occlusion.

Can I contact sport devices?

If necessary but placing a mouthguard.

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