Reshaping Lips

What is labial remodeling technique?

The technique involves injecting through a microneedle the right amount of hyaluronic acid and biocompatible hydrophilic substance naturally present in the body and also on the lips, and which disappears with age.
Depending on the case of each patient, this filler may be injected to:

  • Redefine the lip contour to the same time stop wrinkles "barcode" on its lower base.
  • Increase the volume of lips.
  • Stress Cupid's bow shaped 'V'.
  • Perilabial eliminate wrinkles.

To carry out this type of padding is essential to conduct a thorough physical examination of the patient, both static and dynamic situation. We look at the upper and lower dental arch, as they have a key role in the possibility of increasing the lips.

  • Local anesthesia.
  • Without pain.
  • quick and natural results.

It seeks always reach a natural result without exaggeration, to achieve more sensual lips.

Hyaluronic acid filler is ideal, both to redefine the framework of the lips, to the general increase thereof, and to inject it into small perioral wrinkles, achieving volume and optimal mobility.

We can consider applying this product to the field of Aesthetic Dental Medicine; and that improving the profile and overall volume of the lips, we got perfect the appearance of the mouth and more specifically smile, which is in line with perfect white teeth that have previously achieved.

It is important not to inject too much product to prevent and bulges or asymmetry, and should also avoid inject surface.

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